Thursday, April 13, 2017

Victoria Beckham x Target: Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

I went ahead and dragged myself to my local Target early in the morning on Sunday to check out Victoria Beckham's collaboration.  I had already seen some crazy price gauging on eBay since the night before, so I figured I would go and see if I liked anything enough to buy it.  It turned out really well for me, because I was one of the first people in and I was able to very quickly snatch up my sizes and head to the fitting room.  I was really surprised by the pricing for the collection.  Most items I grabbed were under $40!
First, the bad:  the sizing was very inconsistent throughout.  I grabbed two sizes in most garments and I discovered that the gingham crop pants in a size 12 were HUGE, but I couldn't get the 10 zipped.  However, in the black twill pants, the 10 zipped right up, but I will need at least 8 inches hemmed. In the black dress with the bunny collar, it was the same, the large looked like I was wearing a potato sack, but the medium pulled tightly across my hips. It was especially heartbreaking in the striped shirtdress I really wanted. The medium buttoned, but looked very snug across the bust, but the large looked like it was going to drown me.  So I didn't buy any of the dresses.
Now the good: I was really not expecting to fall in love with this white blouse. I have bought several white button downs in the last year and couldn't figure out why I don't love them as much I want to and I rarely ever wear them. Now I know why. Those other shirts don't drape as nicely as this one does! It is not silk or any other fabric of the sort, but the weight and cut of this blouse makes it feel so luxurious. I love it.  The black pants were also unexpectedly flattering. I think I like the higher waist on dress pants.  Since these really feel much nicer than their price tag, I don't mind shelling out for alterations.  In the end,  I came home with this blouse, the black pants, and the gingham crop pants, but those were returned when I noticed a sticky zipper on them at the tailor. I left the black pants with my tailor and took the gingham crop pants and returned them since I didn't want to have to replace the zipper on top of the regular alterations.
The other big winner in my closet was the Who What Wear collection at Target.  While I was browsing around looking for the fitting rooms, I found some really cute clothes on a nearby rack and was surprised when I read the label. I brought these two tops home with me and will show those in a post later.  All in all, I am glad that I made the trek because while every one else looks super cute in all the clothes they scored, I probably would have overspent and I am happy that I was able to try on everything and didn't have to pay the reselling prices.
On a different note, I am still struggling to style these wide legged trousers. I think I might have to simply admit that wide-legged pants are not for me and my short legs.  I really liked the way this shirt looked tucked into these pants and I liked the way I looked when I went to work, but somehow, the crisp lines were wrinkled and not so sleek by the end of the day when we walked to take these pictures before dinner.  I've been working on a "Less is More" project for Lent this year and have been cleaning out not only my closet, but our entire house.  I didn't feel bad buying any of these items because I have made so much space in my closet, but I also had zero qualms about returning the pants that weren't perfect for me even if I do suffer from a horrible case of Fear Of Missing Out.  I think I will have to decide if I am going to let these trousers go this week or try to make them work one more time.

I Am Wearing:

Top: Victoria Beckham x Target (similar)

Earrings: Macy's

Clutch: Vintage (Splurge | Steal)

Trousers: Céline 

Shoes: Zara (option)

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