Monday, April 10, 2017

Seattle Days

We took advantage of our son's Spring Break to getaway for a few days by ourselves.  We've talked about taking a big international vacation, but the timing hasn't been right and all we can do right now is just a few days when we can sneak off.  Seattle was just the thing.  We had gorgeous weather the first two days and then it rained on us on our last day when we took an underground tour with a friend of mine that lives in the area.  She directed us to Bainbridge Island for a last minute detour before we headed back home.  We had a wonderful time and I fully plan to make up a Weekend in Seattle guide.
As I mentioned before, I basically lived in jeans a sweater and my trusty cape scarf.  One of my friends laughed because she used to live in the area and she said we hit up everything in three days that it took her months to visit when she lived here.  These pictures are from Day 1 and 3.  We took a day trip to Woodinville and Skagit on Day 2 and I will publish those photos in a few days.  On Day 1, we arrived from Texas really early in the morning and we drove directly to the Snoqualmie Falls because I heard the hiking was wonderful and the falls are beautiful.  Unfortunately, our vacation also started with a few conference calls for my husband and we ended up skipping the hike as he worked longer than he thought he would. We walked out to the falls and took it all in before his phone rang again and we made our way to Salish Lodge to use their wifi for a little bit.
After Snoqualmie Falls, we went in search of food and Kurt Cobain's house.  We found some yummy food and were sadly disappointed that the new owners put up a fence and you can't really see the house.  My husband has a friend that is OBSESSED with Nirvana and we had wanted to send him pics.  After lunch, we headed to the Chihuly Glass & Garden and finished the day at the Space Needle. We grabbed a drink near the Space Needle and then found some Indian food that we picked up and took back to our hotel.
Our last day, we woke up early, headed to the Pike Place Market and got coffee at the Original Starbucks before we checked out and packed our luggage into our rental so we could meet up with a friend for the Underground Seattle Tour.  The tour was great and funny, I'm convinced the guides are comedians.  We ate lunch in Pioneer Square and then my friend suggested we take the ferry to Bainbridge Island before we headed home.  We had done a whiskey tasting in Woodinville on Day 2 and mentioned it to her and she thought we would like the tasting at the Bainbridge Organic Distillery.  It was a great suggestion and not only did we enjoy a tour of the Bainbridge Organic Distillery, we really liked the tasting which included Vodka, Gin and Whiskey and took some spirit-filled chocolates home with us.  We walked across to the Bainbridge Brewery & Tap Room for some craft beer before we made our way back towards the airport.  Does it seem to anyone else that it always rains when I am on a ferry?

I Am Wearing:

One: Gap Pullover (option) | Joe's Jeans | Balenciaga Sunglasses
Two: Banana Republic Top | Zara Knit Cardigan | Pilcro Jeans
Both: J. Crew Cape Scarf | SeaVees | Tory Burch Purse | Rosa De La Cruz Necklace
Every Day Jewelry: Apple Watch | Cartier Ring | Custom Garnet Ring  

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