Friday, April 7, 2017


The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all time favorite movies. I quote it on a very regular basis and the groundbreaking florals for spring scene never fails to crack me up.  I don't care if florals are cliché, most clichés are around because they work. I love this LOFT dress and have worn in all year round for several years now.  I often wear it when I travel because it packs so well. Wrinkles don't show easily and it always fits no matter how much my weight fluctuates.  Although I have worn it with these same slides and a different pink handbag in this post, I love this color combination and I will likely continue to wear this in the years to come.  In any case, it was the perfect dress to meet up with friends for dinner and then go drinking at a nearby watering hole while we were still in Texas.  I was just thrilled that my blow out lasted longer than 2 days, but this was day 3 and that was the end of my run. I get that many women manage to make their blow outs last for even up to a week, but I am NOT that person. I can rarely even skip a day without washing my hair!
One good thing about our trip to Texas was that we stayed at my in-laws house and as soon as my husband mentioned the trip to the Pacific Northwest, I quickly washed my jeans and sweater that I wore on the way down and basically lived in them for the days we were in Seattle.  We are back in California now and I am debating if I will get up early or not for the Victoria Beckham collaboration at Target this Sunday.  I've never worn her clothing, even though the pieces are always gorgeous.  The two reasons for that are that 1) most of her garments aren't carried widely in the states and the retailers that carry them don't usually mark them down enough to make them affordable to me; and 2) when I DO find items in retailers or online, they rarely make them in my bigger sizes.  I am excited that Target is releasing a coordinating plus size line and this might be the only opportunity I have to pick up a few pieces in my price range.  I really like the oversized, pin-striped, shirtdress and the gingham crop pants as well as some of the more classic pieces like the silky, white, bibbed shirt and the tailored slacks in pink or black.

I Am Wearing:

Floral Maxi Dress: LOFT (similar)

Star Diamond Necklace: Rosa De La Cruz

Belt: Calvin Klein (from another dress) (option)

Bag: Banana Republic (Splurge | Steal)

Slides: J. Crew (similar and cute option)

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