Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Denim Suit

I am always hesitant to wear denim on denim because it is so easy for it to go wrong and inevitably, I always manage to get it all wrong.  One way that I can usually get away with jeans and a denim jacket is if I pair my denim jacket with colored jeans, and even then it is a tight rope.  I really liked these photos even if you can see my rosacea in them.  We are traveling to Texas this weekend for our friends' wedding and I spent the last couple of days getting all pampered.  I got a mani/pedi earlier this week as well as a much needed facial. It is really hard for me to trust most aestheticians because even if I explain that I have rosacea, they always want to start me on a chemical peel of some type or worse, microdermabrasion! Fortunately, I read tons of reviews and felt really great about the new salon I found in town.  They advised me to get my eyebrows done first and then gave me a steam facial. Afterwards, the aesthetician set me up with a charcoal mask followed by extractions and finally a thick slather of moisturizer. My skin feels amazing even if it was still a tad red when I took these pictures.  I finished my prep with a blow-out at DryBar even if I think I will be trying to stay cool and will likely not wear my hair down.

I Am Wearing:

Top: Banana Republic (current)

Denim Jacket: Lauren Ralph Lauren (similar)

Jeans: J Brand

Necklace: c/o Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Purse: Tory Burch

Wedges: Tory Burch (option)

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