Friday, March 25, 2016

Parks in Daylight

Our son and I joined a local walking group in town last year and we realized this month that we joined in November after Daylight's Saving Time and we had never seen our route in daylight because it was always dark by the time we got on our way. The last couple of weeks we have discovered two parks and a huge golf course on our walks.  This one is small, but our son loves this wooden sculpture. He wanted to come here for our Starbucks break earlier this week and I took advantage of the opportunity to get some outfit pics.
J Crew Factory Sweater; Joe's Jeans
Costume Pearl Earrings-gift from my grandmother ($21 Option); Fossil Necklace (current)
Stuart Weitzman Booties (current option)
It may seem boring to you because how many ways can you really remix jeans and a sweater? But it was cool and jeans and a sweater is my "go-to" on those days.  I am going to miss the kid as his Spring Break starts today and he will be gone all week, but I am looking forward to having my husband to myself for the next few days.

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