Monday, March 28, 2016

End of Quarter Wrap Up

I often feel like I wear the same items over and over again (sweater and jeans, skinny jeans and flats, maxi dress and wedges, etc.) and I frequently DON'T post my everyday outfits.  Then there are days where I feel really great about what I am wearing, but because I am out with other people, I don't feel like making them stop to take my picture. So I end up with a few candids, but not a full post's worth of photos.  Last quarter was no exception. The photo above and the one right below were taken at my brother's impromptu wedding in February.  It was a small ceremony back in our hometown in Texas and he asked me to take a few photos of him and his bride with the family after their ceremony. That was hardly the time to run and pose for outfit photos! Plus, the couple of photos that I WAS in, were not exactly flattering.
LOFT Dress (current); Fossil Bracelet (option); Jane Basch Necklace; Magid Clutch (dupe)
Banana Republic Shirt; Joe's Jeans; J Crew flats; Louis Vuitton Crossbody
The photo above, I took at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills during my trip to see my girlfriends last month. One of the girls wanted to try this Eva cross body and I took the opportunity to try it as well and send the pic to my husband in case he was feeling super generous. He wasn't, but fortunately, my friend doesn't rely on anyone's generosity and she purchased it for herself as a reward for a great start to 2016.  I usually look like death when I travel, but this was the first time that I walked off the plane and didn't feel the need to freshen up or change clothes before heading out.
Prabal Gurung x Target Sweater (similar); Zara Scarf (option); Joe's Jeans; New Balance Sneakers
This last pic was actually taken by my father-in-law during their visit this past quarter.  It was a tough time to come visit because our kid was in school during the entire trip and my husband was still working crazy hours. Luckily, he escaped from his office early on the day I took them into the city and we were able to show them a few of our favorite places. This is my most favorite view of the Golden Gate bridge and I was truly happy to be able to take my husband's parents there. I wanted to wear sneakers because all trips to the city involve so much walking, but I haven't replaced my walking shoes and all I had was my neon running shoes. The only thing that matched was this old Prabal Gurung x Target sweater.

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