Thursday, March 10, 2016


This flu really took it out of me.  Even though my fever broke on Monday, I am still majorly dragging. The dreary, cold weather isn't helping. Fortunately, my husband is helping and he has been really great at trying to help my recovery efforts. We had a coffee date yesterday before he went in to work and I decided to make a valiant effort at getting over this crud because our oldest comes home for Spring Break tomorrow and we want to have a good time with him instead of just sitting on the couch like the potatoes we truly are.
Gap Sweater (current); Banana Republic Faux Fur Vest (Fun Option on Sale!); J Brand Jeans
Ray-Ban Aviators; Blue Nile Hoop Earrings; c/o Julie Vos Necklace (current)
I love this initial necklace from Julie Vos. Mine is now discontinued, but this coin one is also beautiful!
J Crew Cece Flats
These are some of my "comfort" clothes. Except for the flats, which I got last month, but have already worn out over and over, I've had everything else for several years. I love that I don't have to think about it too hard, especially when I am rushing through my morning routine and not feeling very well.

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