Sunday, March 13, 2016

Grey Variants

I have worn a variation of this outfit at least 4 or 5 times before I finally got photos of it. Not because it is such a new way to wear a sweater and skinny jeans with flats, but because it is REALLY so easy and it is the first thing I reach for in this "new lifestyle" of walking everywhere and having really cool weather most of the time. Even on ""hot" days, a light sweater is perfect. I sound like Miss Rhode Island describing her perfect date, don't I?
Gap Men's Sweater (I shrunk my husband's sweater and kept it); Old Navy Jeans; Ray-Ban Aviators 
Tiffany & Co Bracelet; Calvin Klein Tote (current)
J Crew Cece Flats
Last month, I wore this outfit (with different color jeans and the gold version of these flats) to have lunch with Kelly. I also wore this (same pants, shoes) to "pop up" on my kid at school since he was having some issues a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I wore it to run errands that had been backing up for a couple of weeks and to take the kids out for breakfast.

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