Thursday, January 7, 2016

Recent Closet Additions

The holiday season is my favorite time to add a few items to my closet, but if I am being honest, my shopaholic little heart can't help but spend, spend, spend.  Here are a few items I added to my closet in the last couple of months.

1) Diane von Furstenberg Opal Wedges. I found these on sale at Nordstrom Rack in November when my friend was visiting me and we spent a day in the city together. She found a gorgeous Michael Kors coat and we both came home a little happy.

2) Tory Burch Dorrance Dress. I also ordered this dress back in November in the hopes of wearing it to our charity luncheon before the ball, but the sleeves were too long and I wasn't able to get it tailored in time. (Here in pink)

3) Celine Navy Wool Trousers. These were another Nordstrom Rack find during the after-holiday sales and while they were at least a foot too long off the rack, I was able to get them tailored and I look forward to adding these to my work closet. I love the pockets and the color.
4) Once Upon A Time Evil Queen Tee. This was a Christmas gift from my in-laws and I absolutely love it because a) our son and I watch OUAT together all the time and b) my mother-in-law knows that I have a very soft spot for wicked witches.

5) Banana Republic Striped Patio Dress. I first saw this dress on a guest at a housewarming party at least 2 years ago and I remember at the time thinking the woman wearing it looked gorgeous in a casual but elegant way. I was searching eBay for the faux wrap patio dress that was so popular last fall when I came across this one and I was happy to add it to my cart.

6) Joe's Jeans Flawless Skinny Jeans. I needed to add a pair of skinny jeans to my closet because my last pair had fallen apart and I had even worn through a pair of JBrand denim trousers I bought early last year. These Joe's Jeans are perfect.

My husband and I will be in Napa this weekend for Cakebread Cellar's Taste of the Vintage. I will check back in soon!

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