Monday, January 4, 2016

Into the Grey

The weather has been wonderful here these last few days. We are actually getting some rain and we expect it to continue for the next few weeks.  I had errands to run before our son goes back to school this coming week. I decided to match the weather.
Sweater: Gap (current); Camisole: Yummie Tummie; Denim: JBrand
Apple Watch; Tiffany & Co. Bracelet
My Apple Watch was a gift from my husband for my birthday last week and I love it even if I can't wear it everyday because I am allergic to nickel and it gives me hives. I already went to the apple store to try to change out the strap as that is where I am getting my rash. I was hoping to switch it out to a leather one, but I was told all the straps have nickel unless I buy the solid rose gold one.  Until I can afford the gold strap, I will just alternate wearing it on some days and resting on others. I love the added functionality and it just looks sleeker than my previous Fitbit.
Tote: Calvin Klein (old) (current)
Boots: Tory Burch (current)
I keep saying I will replace this tote, but I really haven't found another one I like as much, so in the meantime, I will wear this one into the ground. I bought these boots last summer during a sale, but then we experienced a long heatwave even here in California and there didn't seem to be an opportunity to wear them.

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