Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Break in the Drought

We have all been moaning about the drought California has been in since our move last year, but the last few weeks have been filled with some gorgeous, rainy days. Sunday was no exception. We spent the early morning in Napa wringing the last few grapes that we could get our hands on and buying some bottles for upcoming visitors.  Then we headed home to finish up our errands for the weekend and made it home just after dark.
Trench Coat: Banana Republic (option); Sweater: Victoria's Secret (dupe); Denim: Joe's Jeans; Umbrella: Totes
Scarf: Zara (similar); Earrings: Blue Nile; Necklace: c/o Dogeared Jewelry (2013)
I previously had a pair of JBrand Lovers jeans that were really long on me. By the time my tailor cut off the extra length, most of the flare was gone. I loved them and I was very sad when I wore right through them. I had been looking for a replacement for them for a while and when I found these Joe's Jeans Skinny Bootcut jeans, I thought the fit was very similar.  I asked my tailor to leave a 2inch trouser hem on them instead of the original and I think they are an excellent dupe of the JBrand Lovers jeans.
Boots: Frye Jane 14L Stitch; Reusable Bag: Old Navy (option)
 This weekend we are headed to visit friends in Southern California and to let our son spend some time with one of his uncles. I hear the weather there is gorgeous and while we have enjoyed this break in the drought, we are looking forward to some sunny SoCal weather!

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