Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birthday Stripes

Although we had already celebrated his birthday in Napa with a couple of friends last weekend, we marked my husband's actual birthday with a quiet family dinner earlier this week.  He rarely gets to choose our dinner spots, but since it was his birthday, even our son sat primly through dinner at a local Burmese place a few blocks from our house.
Dress: Banana Republic (current top); Scarf: Zara (option); Monogram Necklace: Jane Basch Jewelry
Apple Watch; Bracelet: JCrew (similar); Clutch: c/o D'Andrea Handbags (2013)
We had a great time and I used the excuse to pull out a dress and wear make-up for my guy during the week instead of the usual jeans and sweater I've been lounging around in for the last several weeks. It was very chilly so I ended up throwing my trench coat on to walk the couple of blocks to dinner.
We had a great dinner and he was happy that this year was a much more low key celebration than last year's 40th Bash.

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