Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation Day

Mr. Fantastic and I have been volunteering together for a local charity for 6 years now and as I wrote in this post, we were honored last year when he was asked to join the board of directors of our charity.  One of our favorite aspects of the organization is the amazing friendships we have been fortunate to forge with so many amazing men, women and couples.  Our youngest member is currently a student at my alma mater and we were thrilled to be invited to his girlfriend's graduation last weekend.  They are a lovely couple and it is a great reminder of the hopes and dreams that we all harbor inside and at some point stop vocalizing.  It was wonderful to meet her parents and to show them that while kids will be kids, they have raised a beautiful young woman with a good head on her shoulders who already gives back to her community at such a young age.
Dress: Ellen Tracy; Earrings: Blue Nile
Necklace: Vintage; Monogram Necklace: Jane Basch
Bracelets: Fossil & Lauren Ralph Lauren
Purse: Tory Burch; Shoes: Jimmy Choo Freya
I am currently obsessed with anything monogrammed and I was so excited when we received a discount code for Jane Basch Designs at LuckyFABB.  This necklace was my husband's Mother's Day gift to me and we got one for his sister, too.  This was my first opportunity to wear it and I LOVE IT! On the other hand, I mentioned that I've dropped a dress size even though I haven't lost any weight in the last three months and it was very apparent in this dress. Especially as the day went on, the top seemed to drape lower and lower! This is obviously going into the alterations pile.

Did you or will you attend any graduations this season? CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2013 GRADUATES!


  1. Finding a maxi for petite/curvy bodies is like winning the lottery lol! Love the orange print!

  2. congratulations to Mr. Fantastic for joining the board of a cause near and dear to your hearts. meaningful service work is a must.

    you are the maxi queen and i'm lovin' all of em!!


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