Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another Day, Another Maxi

I wore another maxi dress when my husband and I met up with friends for drinks and dinner last night.  One of the companies that reached out to us before LuckyFABB was LAMade Clothing. They sent all of us a small gift code and since I had never heard of them, I spent some time on their website looking through their clothing.  I worried that nothing would really fit me because I am both short and not skinny.  In the end, I stuck with my tried and true fave, a maxi dress. I chose this striped dress because I really loved the side slit and I thought that was very different from the usual covered floor length dresses in my collection.  I also realized that their 15% discount on everyone's first order would be a better deal than the gift code amount which couldn't be stacked, so I just didn't use the code. I wasn't expecting much, but when the dress arrived I was immediately won over by the soft jersey and the way the dress draped without being tight.  Of course, it was too long and I had to have it shortened almost 6 inches, but that is a small price to pay for a dress I feel terrific in. Mr. Fantastic loves it and I received so many compliments on it.  The only thing I need is a camisole because I didn't realize that a flash would make it nearly transparent!
Dress: LAMade Clothing (sold out)
Monogram Necklace: Jane Basch (I am obsessed!)
Bracelets: Kenneth Cole New York; Handbag: Sam Edelman
Wedges: Dolce Vita
These photos were taken at the beautiful NYLO Hotel here in town and now that we are soon to be homeless (hopefully, we close next week!) I am really hoping I can convince my husband to move here while we begin our new home search.  I know I am back to photos after dark, but I really liked these because it was right before a huge storm and I love the way the sky looks.
Look at the SKY, you guys!
My beautiful sister in law. I lurve her.
This month has been very hectic in an emotional way, we are finally very close to selling our house and the packing process has brought up all the baggage neither of us realized we were carrying.  While it is a great opportunity to make a fresh start, it can be painful for everyone (especially the kids) to let go of the past and selling the house makes it so final.  The next few weeks will be hectic in a physical way as we empty our home and begin the process of looking for a new home for all of us.  It will be a fun experiment for me to have access to a very limited portion of my closet (and my SHOES!) for an undefined period of time.  Keep an eye out for my budget post this week!

Happy Sunday!


  1. The dress is so pretty, and I like the unique slit up the front that makes the dress more special without being too racy ;)

    Good luck with the house hunt!

  2. You look great in that maxi Ana! Love your accessories too :) Did you find a house yet? Keep in touch

  3. Love, love your dress. Looks great on you.


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