Monday, April 8, 2013

LuckyFABB Recap: Part 1

HELLO! It's great to be back! I know I promised to post while I was traveling, but I decided at the very last minute to leave my laptop behind and really enjoy both the conference and the weekend in Los Angeles with my husband! I'm sorry about that and I hope to make it up to all of you very soon!
LuckyFABB West was GREAT! This was my second year attending and I really believe that they hit this one way out of the park.  This post will be very photo heavy as there was so much to take in.  Let's start with breakfast because it was ridiculous and delicious! How adorable are the monkey mugs at the SLS? I wish I lived in LA just to go have coffee there from time to time.
Kelly wore a varsity jacket by Karl Lagerfeld; top & skirt by Zara; shoes by Stella McCartney.
We started the day with a keynote by Kelly Osbourne. I love her on Fashion Police and I was really looking forward to hearing her speak. She did not disappoint and I loved that she talked about doing things that make you happy. She said if blogging is what makes us happy, do it and if it doesn't, find something else to do! She also made a point of speaking about being authentic and not copying other's content. She said that we should support one another and link back to the original post or inspiration instead of appropriating it as original work. I thought that was very relevant to some plagiarism issues that are currently plaguing the fashion and petite blogging communities. I've always said that those who plagiarize are the real mean girls and it was great to hear that message re-iterated by someone as cool and real as Kelly. She made us all laugh when she told us the story of asking an old lady that had the same color hair to pose for a photograph with her and the old lady ran away! I really could have heard her talk for hours, she was adorable!
One issue that plagued the conference was the dismal connectivity options. For me personally, it was very stressful to see my battery run down as my phone tried in vain to search for signal because the wifi signal was not strong and there didn't appear to be any phone reception in the area of the hotel where we were. Fortunately, HauteLook provided charging stations right in the foyer and they had multiple cords for both the new generation iPhone5 and for those with the older generation iPhones as well as outlet strips for those who didn't have iPhones to plug in! THANK YOU again for saving the day, HauteLook!
Mollie of the blog Mollie In Seattle and me during a break
While I loved the panels and the multiple speakers who shared a wealth of information, I will admit that I snuck out a few times to not only charge my phone, but also to catch up with my beautiful blog friends! It was definitely awesome to reunite with the girls I met last year and also to meet so many new fabulous faces! We joked that the charging stations were the new "watercoolers" because that is where we caught up on panels we missed, figured out where everyone's hotels where and made after conference plans!
After lunch, Drew Barrymore spoke to us about her new make-up line, Flower, and how bloggers are taking over the world. She made us laugh with stories about her daughter, Olive and her sweet and supportive husband, Will Kopelman. The most important thing I got from her talk was the following: "I truly believe that happiness is a choice. You wake up every morning and decide if you are going to be happy or unhappy today and no matter your choice, it will be true." A few minutes later, someone asked her what the best make-up is and she said, "Happiness is the best makeup. But let me keep my concealer or kill me now!" which made us all laugh.  On top of all that coolness, she also told us that if ever on a deserted island, we could crush berries to make blush and burn a cork to make eyeliner! Drew Barrymore is definitey full of awesome!

Finally, we ended Day 1 of the conference with a sneak preview of Betsey Johnson's new show for the Style Network, "XOX, Betsey Johnson." After the preview, we got to toast Betsey and her amazing energy at 70! with some champagne and ended the talk with a lengthy Q&A! She was so fun and full of spirit and I truly hope that I have her spirit at her age or even now that I am half her age!
How gorgeous is Drew Barrymore! She was so sweet!
We wrapped up the evening with a cocktail reception at the SLS hosted by Drew Barrymore who served her own Barrymore Wine and showcased her new cosmetic line, Flower with mini-makeovers for everyone. She was so sweet and took photos with us and mingled with everyone. Plus, she invited some friends as well and we got to take photos with some of them, too! It was a great way to end the evening.
Julianne Hough, who was glowing and laughed when I told her not to get back with Ryan!
Sweater: Prabal Gurung x Target
Jeans: JBrand
Earrings: Social Glo; Scarf: Gray for Saks 5th Avenue
Necklace: No label/Borrowed from a friend
Ring: c/o Kendra Scott
Bangles: J.Crew
Wedges: Jimmy Choo Pela (buy in Black, Navy, or Chartreuse)
I hope you enjoyed this recap, I know I  had a wonderful time!


  1. Woo! It looks like you had a great time :)

    1. Thank you, Tara! It was definitely a blast! I loved it and had a wonderful time!

  2. So glad to have met you at Lucky FABB! I am SO JEALOUS you met Drew! SHe was fabulous, and I loved every single minute with her! Love your blog!

    1. Likewise! I loved meeting you and Drew! She was just so sweet and friendly. I'm going to be keeping up with your blog, too!


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