Friday, August 10, 2012

Neon Pink & Summer White

After we got back from Jamaica and before she went back home, my sister and I went out for a last girls' night out.  I'd bought this shirt several months back when Neon was the hot and trendy thing to have.  I was never able to pair it with anything in my closet while my sister immediately started pulling items for it.
Top: Pretty Good; Jeans: Rich & Skinny Coronado Crop (buy)
Earrings: old - bought in Cancun yrs ago; Necklace: old - eBay
Clutch: c/o ASOS
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik Nefasta (old)
I know she loves having access to my closet and I have to admit that, secretly, I like that she helps me edit it on a regular basis.  I hope she learns to curate a great wardrobe at an early age.  I didn't learn until much later and I often mourn that lost time.

Happy Friday & Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Your sister looks so gorgeous.I love the neon top!Happy Friday ;) xx

  2. Thank you, Sabrina! I think so, too, but I try to remember I am very biased because I helped raise her and I pretty much consider her my child. It's wonderful to have that sentiment validated by others.


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