Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Pinteresting!

I am obsessed with Pinterest.  It feels like everytime I am supposed to be doing something, I glance at Pinterest and then the whole evening has gone by!  This is what I am obsessing about this week.

Evening Gowns - Dress Me Up Board

We have so many formal functions each holiday season, but these dresses have really caught my attention.  I love them all!

Fall Obsessions - Style I Love

Fall is so far away from Texas, but seeing everyone pulling out their boots and sweaters makes me wistful for November when our weather finally starts to cool.

Home Renovation Projects - For The Home

You guys, we don't even have a pool, but so many of my pins for the home have to do with pools!

I am also obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge and Weddings even though I've been married for three years.  If you feel like checking out my boards and following me, you can see them here.

What are you obsessed with? Are you on Pinterest? Share your links so I can check you out!


  1. Following you in pinterest now! I've been hooked onto it for over a year :) mine is

  2. Thanks, June! You inspired a new way for me to spend my time: hair! I loved your purple hair pin, so chic!

  3. I am hooked too on Pinterest :) Lovely hair pin :)


  4. Love the back of that gown! These are lovely.



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