Sunday, December 4, 2016


How cute are these poofs on my hat?!?! Is it horrible that they are for kids and I commandeered a crewcuts hat that I had bought for one of my nieces? I bought two (one for my niece and one for my sister) and when my sister came up last week, I gave her one. She looked so stinking cute that I had to wear the other one!  Sorry, kid! I will get you something else soon!  My mom was so cold the entire time they were here. Winter is knocking on our door and I was happy to pull out my comfy Uggs and warm hat with poofs.  I wore this to breakfast and to go shopping on Black Friday.

I Am Wearing:

Top: J. Crew
Sweater: Banana Republic

Hat: Crewcuts

Handbag: Coach (current)
Denim: Joe's Jeans

Boots: Ugg

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