Saturday, December 31, 2016

Birthday LOVE!

My official gift was my in-laws coming to Las Vegas to celebrate with us over dinner and a show. In our early dating days my husband and I used to travel to Las Vegas for work frequently. Since we were both in the same industry, our travel often coincided and we would trade off paying for our hotel room and buying show tickets. After a few years and several Cirque Du Soleil Shows (, Zumanity, Mystère) he declared himself to be Cirqued out.  After that we once watched Blue Man Group and a few other non-Cirque shows, but he held fast to his statement that no more Cirque shows.  Once I stopped working, our travel to Las Vegas became less frequent and we skipped a few years until my 35th birthday.  That was the last time we were in Las Vegas and because it was my birthday, he caved and took me to see O, which was the show I chose because it was the only one that I had never been able to see before as it was always sold out.  This year, he agreed to watch The Beatles LOVE! at The Mirage because we were looking for a show that everyone would enjoy.  I was worried about wearing this cream colored sheath dress to dinner at Portofino because I've never been able to wear white without marinara sauce getting all over me, even when I am not eating Italian! But I loved this dress when I found it a few weeks ago and I was even happier that I fit into it.  I think it would also make an excellent New Year's Eve outfit.  I hope everyone has a wonderful celebration tonight to celebrate the coming year. I don't know about you, but I am over 2016. Bring on the New Year!

I Am Wearing:

Dress: Hugo Boss (similar)

Earrings: c/o BaubleBar (last seen here) (cute option)

Necklace: Rosa De La Cruz

Bracelets: Tiffany & Co and Blue Topaz (similar) (both gifts from my husband)

Clutch: Kate Landry (current)

Pumps: Manolo Blahnik

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