Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hometown Tourist

The one thing I wanted to make sure my parents got a photo of while visiting was the Golden Gate Bridge. My parents used to live in Central California when I was very young and it was odd that none of us had ever visited San Francisco.  I was so happy that the weather was great and the skies were blue just until we got in our car to leave. Then the skies opened and it just poured down.  They didn't want to wait for a turn to drive down Lombard and my dad had already seen Coit Tower last August when he came out to visit by himself. Instead I took them to the Lyon Street Steps and we took some photos there while it rained and rained and rained. Then we headed to Fisherman's Wharf so my mom could buy souvenirs. We ended up eating there as well and I took my pics at Cannery Row.

I Am Wearing:

Sweater: J. Crew

Coat: J. Crew c/o Nordstrom

Necklace: c/o Jane Basch Jewelry

Denim: J Brand

Handbag: Coach (current)
Brogues: Melrose & Market

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