Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fancy Dinner in an Airport Hangar

Last April (I KNOW!) we attended a really nice dinner for our favorite charity in Dallas.  The event was hosted at a small, but well known airport museum in one of their hangars and it was a really neat experience.  This was right after we had already "moved" and I was basically living out of a box of clothes. Most of my make-up was in a box because of my failure to plan, so I took the opportunity to go get my hair and make-up done even though it was really not a formal event.
Maxi Dress: Diane von Furstenberg (current print on-sale); Shawl: Zara
I had bought this dress way back last summer when I spotted it on sale at TJMaxx for $149, and I still had a little left over on an old gift card. Unfortunately, I tried to scrimp on the alterations and instead of heading to my trusted, albeit farther away and more expensive tailor, I went to another tailor. The tailor I tried accidentally cut the straps of this dress just about an inch too short in the back and it brought the armpits up very high and gave me much more cleavage than the dress was meant to have for a casual summer maxi. So I took a shawl with me to keep covered during the event.
Tiffany & Co. Earrings: c/o The Real Real (current); Carolee Necklace: old bridesmaid's gift (option)
The Tiffany & Co. pieces are both new to the blog, but the bracelet below was a birthday present from my husband in December of last year. The earrings above, I got in March after I received a gift card from The Real Real. I was really excited about them because everyone knows I am obsessed with everything Kate and while these are nearly identical, hers have diamonds where mine have pearls, and I couldn't have afforded hers regardless of a gift card or not.
Wallet: c/o d'Andrea (LuckyFabb 2013); Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. (B-day gift from my husband)
Since I mentioned it wasn't formal, but I was going out with hair and makeup as well as some nicer pearl and sterling jewelry, I thought a nice leather clutch and wedges would tone it down just a tad. I still reach for this d'Andrea wallet over and over again, and I've grown to really love it. I am thinking of getting another color, but I haven't been able to decide between the red or the trusty black one.
Wedges: Dolce Vita (old) (current) (option under $30!); Nail Polish: OPI Do You Lilac
These shoes I've had for what feels like forever, but that is what made them perfect for this event because I ended up on my feet a big portion of the time as we greeted friends we hadn't caught up with in a long while.  Here is a pic of us at the event. While I think I looked dressy, I still felt casual throughout the night and I was able to comfortably walk around the hangar looking at all the cool vintage planes.
Mr. Fantastic is wearing: Calvin Klein suit (his fave); Banana Republic shirt; Bostonian shoes.
It's so great to blog again!

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