Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Little Wining in Black & White

When we made the final trip out here in June, my sister made the road-trip with us and stayed with us for a few weeks.  One of my first order of business was getting her up to wine country to give her a taste of our future adventures. Of course, I wildly underestimated the time it takes to get from Sonoma to Napa and back. In the past, I'd never planned any winery tours, just went along, so I was a horrible wine hostess and we ended up spending the one day we drove up there, mostly in the car.  She is always a great sport and said at least we weren't trekking all over San Francisco's hills looking for a freakin' trolley! Which, I did make her do well as hike in the Muir Woods. I learned that I was an awful hostess and needed to improve my skills ASAP!
Top: Signorelli (option); Cardigan: Gap (old); Coated Jeans: Paige Premium Denim
I went with an all black and white basic outfit to be comfortable during the trip. I'd picked up this shirt at Nordstrom Rack while we were in the city and thought it would be cute to go drink wine. Silly me. I spilled coffee on it as soon as we got in the car for our drive. Luckily, there was a restroom at our first stop and I was able to wash it out and pat it dry. My beloved Gap cardigan that was a second anniversary gift from my husband (cotton) also came to a sad demise this day after getting caught on a nail.
Striped Tote: c/o Kate Spade Saturday (Lucky Fabb 2013) (current KS Stripe option)
Sneakers: Converse All-Stars
We still managed to have a wonderful time and it was a very valuable lesson in wine planning that I would need just a couple of months later when I took a couple of my high school friends out to Napa for Labor Day weekend.

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