Saturday, November 14, 2015

Extending an Olive Branch

The move has been hard on everyone in our house. Our youngest is really struggling with many behavioral issues that have been exacerbated by allergies and colds. A couple of weeks ago he invited me on a date to watch a musical at his school and he begrudgingly allowed my husband to join us. It was the first of the cool weather and I had just been shopping for a ball gown when I saw this cozy-looking sweater. It feels amazing on and I think I wore it 3 days that week.
Sweater: Harlowe & Graham; Coated Jeans: Paige Denim; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (current)
Free Script Monogram Necklace: Jane Basch
During our road-trip back in March, we stayed at a hotel one night and I took off my Jane Basch monogram necklace so that it wouldn't get tangled in my hair. In the rush to get on the road, I left it behind on the nightstand. I called immediately and asked if it had been turned in, but of course, no one had turned it in.  I thought I would just forget about it, but over and over, I kept reaching for it only to remember it was gone. I finally got around to replacing it when I got a Mother's Day gift card and even though I thought about getting something else because she has such cool designs, I kept coming back to this simple monogram. I still love it as much as when Jane Basch gifted me the first one!
Bracelet: J Crew (similar); Earrings: Blue Nile 
Satin Espadrille Flats: Splendid (current) (similar splurge)
We had a great time and I will say that all my flats have seen a huge increase in use as we walk all over town.  Living in Texas we used to drive everywhere.  When we moved here, we traded in my husband's car for an electric FIAT500, and it was about 3 full months before I needed to put gas in the other car. It was then that I discovered I didn't even know where the nearest gas station was. We even walk to the grocery store sometimes!  It has been a really great change for us. And I am excited because one of my high school buds is here visiting me this weekend.

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