Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Livin' On a Prayer

This is going to really age me since I know most bloggers were born in the 90's, but I've been wanting to see Bon Jovi in concert since 1993.  Of course, he never toured anywhere close to where I lived and in fact, the nearest he came was 4 hours away in 1993 and I couldn't go see him. So you can imagine how excited I was when Mr. Fantastic sprung for tickets to his show last week!
Cozy Sweater: DKNY; Top: Zero; Leather Leggings: c/o Paige Premium Denim (Buy on Sale)
Purse: Coach (very old); Wrap Bracelet: T+J Designs (old); Bead Bracelet: eBay
Boots: MIA (I love these current ones and they are under $65)
I have to say that for someone who is 51(!), Bon Jovi puts on a heck of a show. It was so high energy and the accoustic portion made me a bit (okay, a lot!) emotional. But the funniest thing happened with our kids. I was getting ready the night of the show and I told the oldest, "I think you might finally get your wish tonight." He looked at me and asked, "How so?" I replied, "Jon might see me in the crowd and take my hand so we can run away together!"  The following morning he came into the kitchen as I was making coffee and exclaimed, "Thank God you're still here! I need my band uniform washed and a refill on my prescription!"  While my friends mostly focused on the belief that he obviously lurves me, I focused on the fact that he thought I actually had a chance of running away with my teenage dream!
Bon Jovi performs Born To Be My Baby
Isn't he FANTASTIC!?! Well, he is to me! :) (Can you see how thrilled I was to be there!?!)
My husband and I have been fortunate to have some incredible experiences, but this was definitely one for the highlight reel. I loved it!  I took a short (50 second) video of the very start of Livin On a Prayer. It was really awesome to hear the entire arena singing along with him! I hope you enjoy it.

Today, I am linking up with Marissa from The Modern Austen and Heidi of LiteratelyStylish for their Pantone Inspired Fall Challenge. Today's color is Turbulence and these leather leggings from Paige are perfect for today's challenge. I hope to participate again this week! If you wore a Turbulent outfit today, join here!

The Modern Austen
What are your favorite bands? If old bands, are they still together?


  1. How awesome is it that you got to go to this concert! And you looked FABULOUS. I love the different textures and the amazing cardigan. Hope you had a great time and thanks for linking up! :)

  2. so fun! Your outfit is perfect for the concert, too. Just the right amount of rock and roll!

    My favorite band/artist is Ben Folds. I've seen him in concert too many times to keep track of, but I will always go if he is anywhere near me, because he is just so awesome!

  3. So cool that you finally got to see him in concert! Your cardigan looks SO cozy!

  4. How fun! And, yes, I totally get the Bon Jovi thing... I was born in 1973. ;-)

    Those boots and pants are all kinds of fabulous.

  5. i love this look! and i was seriously smiling so wide reading your concert experience - i've followed my favorite band for 16 years and even though i've seen them in concert so many times, i totally can relate to the rush of an amazing concert and being surrounded by so many people who love the band/music just as much as you do. i'm so glad you finally were able to see bon jovi, i bet his show was incredible!

  6. Very cool. Happy for you. Very nice.

    I do get the Bon Jovi thing. I was born in 1969-So I am old. I had an experience like that a couple of weeks ago when I was at a NASCAR race and the Goo Goo Dolls played a set. I had never seen them and I love them.

    So happy that you got to see them.


  7. I have a friend who would be super jealous of you! She loves Bon Jovi! Looks like a super fun time and your outfit was great!

    My favorite bands are kind of diverse - Goo Goo Dolls, OK Go and the Decemberists, all of whom I have been lucky enough to see live!


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