Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Look

Did you notice the new and improved look of the blog that occured yesterday? I'd been wanting a change and definitely some customization, but I don't know how to use technology at all so I'd stuck to the Simple Blogger Template since I started blogging in 2011.  Last year, I considered a blog overhaul and I found a couple of great blog designers in the process.  The pricing seemed steep for most designs, especially any that involved any custom work, but I had wanted to have a new look for my first year "blog-iversary" so I was willing to shell out some cash.

Then, I got two back to back speeding tickets right as I was about to agree to a $400 price tag and together the tickets were nearly equal to that amount. So I held off on the blog redesign and just paid off my tickets as I sat tight while on deferred adjudication through the end of the year.  I still wanted a new look, I was just going to have to figure out how to do it for less.
Early this year, Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns got a new blog look and I asked her who had done her design and if they were cheap because I had a feeling that she wouldn't shell out so much money for her blog.  It turns out that she did it herself! So I begged and groveled (I might have cried, but I'm sure I only did that once twice!)  I finally wore her down and we agreed on a price and now here we are.  I LOVE my new blog design! My favorite things are the singed header-makes it look like it really was on fire- and the flame social media icons. I think overall, the look is much cleaner and more streamlined.
In addition to my blog redesign, I ordered new business cards just in time for LuckyFABB. Now that my blog looks fantastic and I have new and sleek business cards, I can't wait to fly out to LA next week. We also overhauled my blogroll so that they update by most recent post instead of alphabetically as I had it before.  Go check it out, I added several new blogs that I've discovered in the past couple of months!

Thank You, Kimmie and Happy Wednesday!


  1. Kimmie did good - looks great!! I'm gonna beg and grovel & send her treats so she can do my next blog overhaul :)

  2. I'm considering a layout update right now, so I appreciate your rec! Your design is so nice and clean!

  3. That is some change to the blog, love the new look.
    Check out my new post
    much love. x

  4. Very nice minimalistic and
    modern look blog layout c:



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