Monday, March 11, 2013

Jayhawks and Family Bonding

We traveled to Waco to watch the Kansas Jayhawks take on the Baylor Bears this weekend.  My husband and his brother have a tradition of taking their dad to a KU game at least once a season.  This has been happening since I met them and it is always a great opportunity for them to spend time together just the men. A few years ago, there was a great family debate regarding if it was mean that the wives and children weren't invited.  At the time, I agreed with the guys.  I think because in my own family the guys always went away for beer and sports and we were never offended by this or felt left out.  However as my brother-in-law is now engaged and the kids are getting more and more anxious to root for the Jayhawks, they finally caved and invited all the family to a game.
My sister-in-law and her daughter and the boys and I were so excited to attend our first game.  Unfortunately, the Jayhawks who were ranked and the heavy favorites, lost to the unranked Bears.  We didn't realize this, but the guys had NEVER attended a game that KU lost in all the years they've been to the games.  So, clearly we are bad luck and will not be invited back.  We had a great time, but I will actually be happy to leave my husband to his tradition with his brother and his dad.  I truly believe that there is a bonding that occurs when the women and kids aren't around that simply can't occur when they are.  It's the same for women.  I have my own traditions with my mom and my sister that wouldn't be the same with men around.  I can certainly see expanding them to include my brother's wives, but not my brothers!

I think that my husband was relieved to have an excuse not to invite us back, but I think it's sad that there has to be an excuse.  I cannot comprehend WHY they need an excuse to go off together to have a great time.

How do you handle your partner's traditions? Are you upset when women aren't invited on guys trips?


  1. How fun and as a sports fan, I would've taken it as a bad sign and banned you too - haha! :) I don't ever have an issue with guys' activities/events. Not a big deal at all, as long as it's not every weekend, you know? I know I love my girls' days shopping, mani, lunches, etc, and I wouldn't want my husband lurking around. I've seen women bring husbands to what are supposed to be girls' events, and it's just strange and weird.

    1. i totally agree, Caroline. i think it's important for couples to maintain their own identities, separate and apart from their relationships. and bringing the dudes to an all-girls event is frowned upon in this establishment!

    2. I also agree with you ladies! I'm really lucky because my husband and I are able to talk about stuff and not worry that the other is being ignored. My in-laws are also amazing so I REALLY love that my babe and his brother and dad get to spend some quality time together!

  2. Great pics.

    Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk



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