Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Store, Donate, or Toss It?

This week has been hectic due to our realtor advising us that my incessant hoarding will prevent us from ever selling this house.  Since Monday's walk-through, we've had contractors out to redo one of the bathrooms, carpet cleaners, window cleaners and landscapers.  The biggest change is that the house should look HUGE and there should be as little as possible of our things here.  No family photos, and only half of our furniture.  And the closets should look like there is tons of room for people to picture their own things here.  Which brings me to my biggest problem: what to store, donate or throw out?

Items that you wear and are in good shape, but are not in season.  For us, this means:
  • All Winter Clothes
  • My Business Clothes (because I don't have yob!)
  • Seasonal Decorations (Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween)
  • Winter and Non-Essential Shoes (My husband snorted when he realized I kept about 40 pairs in the closet)
  • All but one swimsuit
  • Extra pillows and bedding
  • Appliances that you don't use everyday, but want to keep (like our cappucino machine and my Jewel Jet)
  • Books you re-read or reference on a regular basis - My complete Sookie Stackhouse series, The Shopaholic novels and all my Nina Garcia books.  They are reference guides!

Items that are in great shape but don't fit or are not your style.  For me, this is:
  • Coats from when I was a size 6 - No matter how much weight I lose, I won't be a size 6 again and those still have lots of wear left in them.
  • Clothes that have tags hanging on them that I've never worn
  • Clothes that I haven't worn in the past year - If you haven't worn them, you probably won't wear them.
  • Shoes I've never worn because they aren't my style - They will never be my style.
  • Appliances that don't work with your decor, but function perfectly
  • Dishes that are mismatched and that might work better for a 1 or 2 person household
  • Books that you've read don't want to re-read - Calculus for Dummies

Items that are worn or stained beyond repair.  This includes:
  • Clothes with yellow stains in the armpits or other stains that won’t come out.  Here are some great tips for removing pit stains from clothes. Otherwise, throw it out.
  • All pants with chub rub.  I was talking to my friend Lisa today and she must have been crouched under her desk in the fetal position with tears streaming down her face when I said, “Let’s face it, no one wants someone else’s chub rub.” She laughed so hard and for so long, I was worried.  But I only speak the truth.  This is one of my favorite articles for how to reinforce jeans with the aforementioned chub rub.  If they are beyond repair, don't burden the unfortunate any further.
  • Any tights, hose or Spanx with rips or tears.  I really doubt that Ke$ha or Gloria Trevi read my blog, so none of us really have use for torn tights or hose.
  • ALL UNDERGARMENTS - Do I have to explain?
Once we are done, I hope to be back, but in the meantime, I'm working on a very streamlined closet.  I am certainly asking the universe for a quick sale.

Do you have any tips to add to this list?  What do you store, donate or toss?

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