Monday, March 19, 2012

Natural Neutrals for Spring

Today was a very windy day, but we managed to get out and get some photos in between a bunch of pics of my hair blowing all over the place.  Even with the wind, the weather is beautiful and it feels wonderful to be outside.  Spring is definitely here!
Top: Ann Taylor; Skirt: The Limited
We met with our realtor to begin the process of putting our house for sale soon.  I am really excited for purely selfish reasons. This was my husband's home before he married me and even though he's given me free reign to redecorate and upgrade as I see fit, it's never felt like MY house.  Now we get to go house-hunting together and I can't wait!
Bracelet and Ring: T+J Designs; Clutch: Jason Wu for Target (Jan 2012)
I love this gold braided bracelet by T+J Designs and I don't have very many statement rings, but this one by T+J Designs also is definitely one of my favorites.  I am allergic to nickel and base metal so I can't ever wear plated jewelry, but if I remember to take off my jewelry, I can get away with some costume jewelry every once in a while.  The bag is Jason Wu for Target and I managed to get it without standing in a ridiculous line or getting into a fight with anyone during the launch in January.  I finally pulled it out because I thought the natural straw was a good addition to this look.
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Activa (S/S 2007)
These shoes are several seasons old, but I love wearing them in the spring and summer.  The cork base and heel is perfect for warmer seasons.  Not to mention that they are more comfortable than a couple of my other Louboutins.  I thought they were the perfect complement to my straw clutch and neutral outfit.

What do you wear when you want a neutral and natural palette?


  1. Your bag is so beautiful!Great outfit!

  2. Ana - looking so pretty and isn't this Spring weather gorgeous? Love the jewels and thanks for all the support for t+j Designs :) Your the best.

    Red Soles and Red Wine


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