Friday, March 30, 2012

Personal Days

Tuesday I decided to take a personal day.  Back when I started working professionally I had never heard of personal days.  In the early 2000s the push for mental health started creeping in and I remember that companies started giving out additional "personal/mental health days." I used to be a super hero in my previous life and would never take these.  How things have changed! *BTW, so sorry that now you can see my rosacea!  I don't wear makeup on personal days!
Pajamas and Robe: Victoria’s Secret
Shopping Coffee Mug: Christmas Gift from Morgan
When Mr. Fantastic and I moved in together he freaked out the first time that I took a personal day.  These are days when I do NOTHING.  I stay in bed all day, I watch TV, play on my computer, call my mom, anything and nothing.  I get up to use the bathroom and find food and then come back to bed.  He thought I was falling into a deep depression and he would try to coax me out of bed.
Bedding & Throw: Z Gallerie
I finally explained that it's just my time to regroup.  Especially now that I have kids (which I didn't have during my super-hero days) I find that personal days are very important.  I know it sounds selfish, but there are times when I am completely overwhelmed and God forbid I am PMSing.  Then I just go into a rage and wind up in tears when they forget to do something I asked and I feel like they did it on purpose because I am NOT their mom!  The only super-hero around here is SuperBitch when that happens.  So I retreat and take a personal day to regroup.  That was me on Tuesday after the cleaning frenzy of last week and this weekend until our real estate photographer came by on Monday and we waited to approve everything to go on the market.
I stayed in bed and watched TV and didn't do any work or cook or take care of the boys.  It was great and I was able to get out of bed and take care of all my wifely and step-motherly duties, not to mention multiple showings on Wednesday and Thursday.  Today I am helping my hubby prepare for a camping trip they are going on and I am looking forward to brunch with friends and a bridal shower while they are gone.

Do you ever take personal days?  What do you do during your personal time?

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