Sunday, August 3, 2014

Romantic Day Trip to Cologne

Our big trip this summer came about very unexpectedly. My husband had to travel to Germany for work in July and because he had racked up miles, I was able to go along almost for free! For reasons unknown to me, it seems like the universe conspires to make our anniversary (August 14) the busiest time of our year every summer, so we went ahead and took this as a sign to move our 5th anniversary trip up by a couple of months.  As much as we have traveled in the last four years, this was our first international trip alone since our honeymoon four years ago.  We arrived in Frankfurt early on a Saturday morning in July and checked into our hotel to drop off our luggage and shower right away.  Since his first meeting wasn't until Monday and his co-worker was arriving Sunday for the drive to the remote location, we took the Deutsch Bahn to Cologne for a half day trip the rest of the day.
Tunic: Tory Burch; Denim: JBrand Coated Skinnies (old); Scarf: Jones New York; Umbrella: Nicole Miller
Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff Rocker (black); Flats: Old Navy Glitter (old)
We arrived in Cologne and the Kolner Dom is right outside the Bahn Station, so we decided to climb to the top.  I don't recommend doing this if you are as horribly out of shape as I am.  I was lucky that the following day was spent in a rental car traveling to his work location because my calves were killing me.  When we climbed to the top of the Kolner, we had a gorgeous arial view of Cologne including, my favorite, the Hohenzollern Bridge, which Mr. Fantastic had already told me was our next stop to place our own Love Lock over the Rhine River! After we climbed down, it started raining as we walked to the bridge, but we still managed to place the lock on the bridge and toss our keys into the Rhine below.  I knew of the locks at the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris, but it wasn't until this trip that I learned so many countries now have Love Locks.  I know everyone will have their own opinions on them, but it was a truly beautiful experience for us.  Mr. Fantastic isn't usually the most romantic guy around, so for him to think of this is huge.  After we placed our lock and tossed the keys, we headed to a local pub for one of the best meals of our trip.  Then we walked around Cologne and shared a beer before heading back to the Bahn and taking the train back to Frankfurt.
My favorite moments at the Hohenzollern Bridge.
Right before we climbed up the spire at the Kolner Dom.
This was definitely one of my favorite days even though it rained on us.  In fact, I've discovered that I love rain when we are exploring a new city because it feels like then it's just the two of us wandering around!

Have you ever left a Love Lock anywhere?

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