Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Currently Want: Everything Kate Wears

This year has been a big year of personal growth for me.  I am starting to accept that even when I want things and pray for them fervently, the answer is sometimes no.  I haven't always had a good time with accepting things as they are, but I am getting better at it.  In the past, I could always figure out how to get a pair of shoes or a fancy dress for much less than retail; how to schmooze an invite to a swanky party; how to master an interview to get the job I wanted.  All of that started changing in the last 3-5 years.  Much of the change was that I didn't necessarily want only designer goods or an invite to a great party, I started wanting things that I can't necessarily buy.  Workwise, I stopped playing nice just to keep the peace and learned the very hard way why everyone HAS to play nice, even in situations of great injustice.  In the last few years, I've stopped wanting to be at every great party and have relished having quality time with my husband and my close friends.  And there are some things that no matter how much money you throw at them, are just not going to come to fruition.  Sometimes, I feel nostalgic for the days when all I wanted were pretty things.  So this is what is currently on my want list.  It's basically everything the Duchess of Cambridge wears because she always looks stylish without being trendy and she has reminded me that if you buy quality staples, you can wear them over and over again. These are some of my favorite accessories we see her reach for time and time again.
Kate's casual looks with her signature accessories.
Annoushka Pearl Earrings; Kiki McDonough Citrine Drops; Cartier Trinity Necklace; Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch
I really enjoy looking at Kate's jewelry collection. Her sapphire engagement ring and earrings are classic and elegant and it has made me think a lot about heirloom jewelry. Growing up we never had much money and the one nice piece (my mother's ruby ring) was stolen from me in college. We visited the Czech Republic last month and my husband allowed me to commission a few garnet pieces while we were there.  I am excited to finally wear them because garnets are his birthstone and also because I look forward to sharing them with my sisters and nieces in the future. All the pieces in the photo above are worn by Kate on a regular basis and I can especially see the Cartier pieces as future heirlooms.
Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch; Prada Silk Clutch; Mulberry Bayswater Clutch (other color)

As a princess, Kate is rarely required to carry more than some make-up in her bag and she is often seen carrying a simple clutch both during the day and for nighttime activities. I can only pull off small clutches and minauderies with formalwear, and have to carry a tote or hobo during the day.  But again, the Duchess of Cambridge is often photographed with her favorite bags repeatedly.
Jimmy Choo Vamp; Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon; Stuart Weitzman Minx
Shoes are the hardest for me to narrow down because I really love her footwear. These Minx wedges by Stuart Weitzman have been on my radar since two years ago when Kate wore them on the Diamond Jubilee Tour  of Southeast Asia in both the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu, but they were sold out.  Then last year fellow blogger, Kate at All Things Kate, wore them in this post and mentioned how comfortable they were and she got them on sale for $125, I was sold.  Or course, they sold out again by the time I looked for them and I was excited when Stuart Weitzman re-released Minx and the Corkswoon wedges after she repeated them both numerous times during the tour of Australia and New Zealand. However, the fact that both were priced close to $400 was very disappointing for our household budget.  I still want them and I try to keep an eye out for deals on Zappos and eBay.  The Jimmy Choo Vamp heels have been sold out in my size for over a year and every time a pair pops up on eBay in my size, they are always over $500, which I just can't pay.

What's on your current want list?

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