Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Lucky One

It's no secret that my favorite blogging event is LuckyFABB West. I first attended Lucky FABB in Santa Monica two years ago and was hooked.  Last year, the event was moved to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and I have to admit that I really liked the change in venue because the shopping in the Beverly Hills area was much more varied and hits all price points.  In addition, there are tons more places to eat and wander around.  So it was a pleasant surprise to discover that it was being held at the SLS once more and even more when Mr. Fantastic said I should just book a room there and avoid the hassle of getting to the hotel like last year.  There were pre-events and I have a post of those coming up soon.  They changed the format this year and the entire conference was done in one day so it was a tad of running around.  Here is my experience:
Hanging out with Veronica and Elle while we charged our phones.
My favorite thing is always getting to meet new bloggers and catching up with my long-time blog friends.  Veronica of The CidStyle File is probably one of my best blog buddies and even though we only see each other at LuckyFABB (where we met two years ago) it always feels like we pick up right where we left off.  Elle of Survive Wedding Season is another one of our blog friends that we love catching up with.  In this photo we should have been in the break-out session about the New Look of Digital, however, when attendees dicovered that January Jones was in the panel, people swarmed the room and security was unable to verify who was supposed to be there or not and we decided that it wasn't worth it to stand in a cramped room while we could relax on the couches outside, charge our phones and catch up with each other.
Getting my eyeliner done by Kirin Bhatty, who is awesome and a true funny girl!
Since we missed our first panel we were able to stand in line early for the second panel, InstaBeautyIRL, where P&G treated us to a make-up lesson by make-up artist to the stars, Kirin Bhatty, who taught us how to use our make-up and styling tools by CoverGirl, Olay, and Pantene to get the effects that our favorite Instagram filters provide so that we look as great in person as we do online. Then we got to take all our goodies home to continue to practice!
The speakers this year were such a delight to listen to during the general conference panels.  Sophia Amoruso was there to promote her new book Nasty Gal and she was so candid about how hard it was to recognize the need to grow her business and her obstacles; Nicole Richie cracked us up when she talked about using a fanny pack to garden (hers is vintage Chanel, of course) and wanting to launch a restaurant with nothing but fresh ingredients from her garden that she would name Nikki Fresh, duh; and my favorite speaker, who was a complete revelation, was Coco Rocha because while I think she is a beautiful model, I never expected her passion for her industry or her hilarious take on selfies and trends. In between panels, we were treated to the brand gifting suites and those of us that had all-access passes were allowed into the Sponsor gifting suites that included Miss Me Jeans, Joules, Susu Handbags, France Luxe, and L'Occitane.  The generosity of the sponsors never fails to humble me.
Dress: Victoria's Secret (old); Cardigan: Trina Turk Gemma;
Here is what I wore for day one.  From previous years, I know that I cannot handle heels for the entire day and this itinerary looked positively packed so I opted for flat shoes and comfortable clothes.  The only thing I didn't catch until it was too late is that I spilled my coffee in the morning and I didn't realize that washing it off still left a stain. I don't know if it was the flash that picked it up, or simply that everyone was too kind to let me know, but again, that is just how FABB the Lucky bloggers are.
Earrings: c/o BaubleBar (2012); Necklace: Gorjana c/o Y&I (2012) (current)
Flats: Renvy via Gilt (similar by Jessica Simpson)
Are you coming next year?


  1. Ah this is my fave blogging conference too! It's always so fun to see you and hang out....thanks for including me in your recap. #wecute LOL


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