Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NOH8 Campaign

Back in January, I learned that there was an open photo shoot scheduled in Dallas for the NOH8 Campaign.  I asked my husband if he would pose with me and was pleasantly surprised when he said yes as long as I didn't buy him a new shirt or make him wear any make-up or anything other than the NOH8 tattoo.
My sister's white tee: Hanes; My white tee: James Perse
Originally, my husband's sister and my sister were going to pose with me and we were going to do a Charlie's Angel pose. Considering my sister-in-law is 5'9" and has red hair and blue eyes, my sister is 5'2" is pale complected and was sporting purple hair and I am 5' have a dark complexion and black hair, we thought it would be the ultimate diversity family photo. Unfortunately, the day of the shoot, my sister-in-law was unable to make it, so my sister and I made do without her. :(
Make-Up by Sephora's Express Services; Hair by Alaska
We had a wonderful experience and Adam Bouska was so nice and gave everyone a big hug as we wrapped.  The final photos are gorgeous and we have received so many compliments on them.  Of course, everyone has mentioned that Mr. Fantastic looks like a "vegetarian Twilight vampire" and I've had to assure multiple people that he does in fact sparkle in the sunlight. :)

Only love can drive out hate. Only Love. NOH8.


  1. First, you look BEAUTIFUL in the pic with the Sir. Second, I love the NOH8 concept. Awesome!

  2. Love the idea. Always trying to teach that to my students.

    Nice photos.


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