Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charity Golf Tournament

Last Friday we attended a charity golf tournament.  We were not playing, but I didn't want to risk blisters with sandal so I grabbed my chucks and off we went. 
Top: Max Studio; Shorts: A.N.A.
Necklace: Gift from a friend a while ago
Bracelets L t0 R: T+J Designs; DIY; Target; 
BaubleBar; Target; Gift from Mr. Fantastic 
Shoes: Converse All-Stars
What was supposed to be a great day on the golf course with friends took an ugly turn when someone stole our golf cart.  I had, stupidly, left my wallet in the basket of our golf cart thinking that we had a private cart and we'd be among friends.  Of course, when we got our cart back, my wallet was gone so I spent the weekend with no ID and no money. :(  It really bothered me because so many people kept coming up to me to tell me how solid the volunteers that stole our cart were. "They've been volunteering for years!" "Their kids play the course every year!" Then WHY didn't they know that volunteers can NOT drive the golf carts? I know that and my husband drills it into my head each year that I am NOT allowed to drive the golf cart.  It really bothers me because I was so stupid to leave my wallet in our cart and it's a very real possibility that the wallet fell out of our golf cart or someone else took it while we were at a previous hole. However, the fact that they took our cart without permission and then my wallet turned up missing, put everyone in a very awkward position.  
As a charity organization, we always need volunteers to help at our various events and we value and appreciate the help that each of them give to our charity.  We can't do all the work that goes into our events without the support of individuals who make it out to our events year after year.  It is truly upsetting and embarrassing when things like this happen because it forces us to take everyone at much more than face value. 
Sunglasses: D&G by Dolce & Gabbana
I am very fortunate that Mr. Fantastic is the only person who knows how to snap me out of my moods and he had me drinking and laughing in no time.  An added bonus was that someone turned in my wallet over the weekend and I was able to pick it up from the golf course on Monday.  There was no cash or credit/debit cards in it, but at least I got my driver's license back and no one likes to stand in long government lines, right?  So I am going to look at the bright side, my gorgeous hubby made out with me all weekend to keep me distracted, I got my fabulous Minkoff pouch back and more importantly, my license!

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