Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome to Miami

Mr. Fantastic and I spent a very relaxing weekend in Miami.  There were some hiccups initially and right at the end, but overall, the time in Miami was wonderful and we are already planning to go back.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
When I arrived, my hubs was in a meeting and he forgot to add my name to our reservation at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel & Resort.  It is very important to add all names to a hotel reservation if you travel with others and not everyone arrives at the same time. I loved the hotel and the ammenities, the only complaint I had was that there was a HUGE line at the front desk and there was no organization to the line.  If you were checking in, lost your room key, had a question about your room charges, wanted to buy tickets to the show, or were attempting to check out, everyone was in the same line.  I stood in the line for over 25 minutes only to discover that I wasn't on the reservation.  Another gentleman was waiting to check out because he had additional charges from the hotel nightclub and he gave up and tossed the keys at them when they skipped him over to attend to another guest who had previously been there.  Everyone was upset because it seemed like the previous customer was getting special treatment and that could have been easily avoided if they had asked the previous customer to go to a different area once his problem was resolved.  In any case I was hot, tired and sticky and actually burst into tears when I finally got to my room, but I think it was just tension from a long day of travel.
Pink Lemonade at La Côte
Luckily for me, my husband's colleague brought his wife to Miami for the weekend, too, and we quickly found each other and hit the hotel bar and took a walk on the beach which brightened my mood immediately!

Once the men finished their work, they came back and we all headed out to Lincoln Rd. Mall in search of dinner and drinks.  We found exactly what we wanted in no time at all.  Mr. Fantastic and I love visiting the German breweries when we visit Munich and we were happy to find a Hofbräuhaus in Miami.  Once my husband realized they did have Dunkel beer, we were sold and not only had a pre-dinner drink there, but we came back after tapas at Maya to drink some more and people watch! It was a great way to start our weekend getaway!
Hofbräuhaus Miami
Lincoln Road Mall 
I will end with a shot of our beers and will be back later today with my outfit photos of the first day. I loved Miami!

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