Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lucky Ducky: I think I'm friends with Caroline Waxler Now

I am writing this in a bit of a hurry, because I am trying to pack and get back home.  However, I really want to give credit to Caroline Waxler, Digital Content Director at Lucky Magazine and Executive Producer of LuckyFABB.  She was incredible, accessible and just so all around amazing!  She was there to welcome us at brunch on Sunday and she said, "I'm staying here at the hotel, if you guys have any questions or problems, please just call and ask for my room." SERIOUSLY?!?! Who does that? Not to mention that all during the conference and events, she was so...present.  Everytime I saw her, she said hello, gave me a hug and asked ME if I was having a good time.  When I mentioned that Morgan is having a baby and I wanted to get her some Honest products for the baby shower I am hosting, she turned around and introduced me to Christopher Gavigan right then and there! Who does that?  I never expected that because as you guys know, I have less than 75 followers (OMG! You guys, I have more than 50 now?!?!?) and she made me feel like LuckyFABB was all about me!
 Have to Have Shopping Safari:
Perrier Water, Stacked Chardonnay, Happy Sunday & Co, pretzels
 Kelly Wearstler FABB Cocktail Party: Dyed Tank Top
 Michael Stars Virtual Fitting Room:
Neon Cropped Top; Classic Sunnies;
Glitter Sunglasses Case/MakeUp Bag; Crossbody Carryall
 Proctor & Gamble Shop The Counter:
Olay All Day Moisturizer w/Sunscreen & MakeUp Remover Cloths
Gillete Venus &Olay 5 Blade Razor and Cartridges
CoverGirl Liqueline Blast & Blast Lipstick Duo
LuckyFABB Swag Bag:
This LeSportsac bag needs it’s own post! Highlights include:
GC for Paige Premium Denim; Zappos; Love Loud Jewelry; Ariel Gordon Jewelry
Spanx; Urban Decay; OPI; Krishna Bijoux; Tacori; Jellypop; Winks Georgie; NYX; SOHO & so much more. I can’t deal! 
I know I've been absent, but I wanted to give you a peek at the goodies that we got from the amazing team at LuckyFABB West!

Have you guys ever had an experience where you went in with high expectations and then even those were blown away? Tell me about them!

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  1. What an amazing experience! I am very happy for you! ha ha. Looking forward to next year's. I've got to be there! Cheers.


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