Monday, November 28, 2016

Black Friday Shopping

I didn't post a pre-Black Friday post because I thought so many bloggers covered the Black Friday Sales more than adequately.  In general, I try to stick to my outfits and I occasionally post my shopping hauls and this weekend definitely qualified.  My family is visiting and we woke up early Friday and went to eat brunch in town.  Then my mom, sister, and I headed to the local stores.  I scored this silver sequin skirt and the plaid flats at J. Crew.  These were the flats I was trying to buy in Dallas last week when my other flats were ruined.  I got very lucky in that we were standing in line to pay for my shoes and some tops for my mom and sister behind a woman who was returning this silver sequin skirt.  When we got to the register, I asked the sales woman if I could see the skirt and while it was a tad big, it was sold out and I couldn't order a smaller size. My mom pointed out that I should stick to this one so that I am comfortable even if I eat.  Then she sweetened the deal by paying for my shoes as an early Christmas gift! Sold! We stopped at Banana Republic and I also picked up the silk version of my favorite off the shoulder striped dress.  My sister wanted to visit Union Square and see if the tree was already up, but my mom wanted to stay at home with my dad.  I took advantage of the quick trip to the city to pick up this Comme des Garçon shirt during the sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and this beautiful Tibi dress at Nordstrom that I can't wait to wear these holidays.  What did you buy?

I Bought:

Banana Republic Dress

J. Crew Plaid Flats

Comme Des Garçon Shirt

J. Crew Sequin Skirt

Tibi Draped Towel Dress

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