Sunday, October 30, 2016

Rainy Morning Date

My husband has been working non-stop for the last several months. As his product is getting ready to launch, his days get longer and longer.  I had been complaining that we aren't spending any time together lately so he looked at his schedule and invited me out for coffee this week.  We woke up early, I threw on some leggings and my trusty cape-scarf and off we went into the rain to catch up over a cup of coffee and a tart before I walked him to the train station to see him off to work.  I miss having lazy mornings with him, but I am really proud of how hard he works. I am so excited about the coming holidays and getting to spend time with him and our families.  The picture quality isn't very great because I wasn't meaning to take pictures. We took these with my phone in the early morning.

I Am Wearing:

Sweatshirt: The Podolls (also love this one)
Cape-Scarf: J. Crew

Leggings: Lou & Grey for LOFT

Boots: c/o Sorel

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