Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Golden View from Baker Beach

We've had multiple visitors since we moved to the Bay Area. Of course, when friends visit, everyone wants at least one photo with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The challenge is to vary it enough that no one feels like they are being run out to a tourist trap. We have been very fortunate to find numerous ways to show off everyone's favorite San Francisco Landmark.  When my husband's aunt visited us, we decided to search for Baker Beach and we were so glad we found it. Not only are the views of the bridge beautiful, the beach itself was very peaceful and not at all packed.
Sweatshirt: Cupshe (option); Leggings: Paige
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Diamond Hoop Earrings; Diamond Mini Cross: Blue Nile
Boots: Ugg
I recently succumbed to Pinterest's sponsored/suggested pins and I ordered this cute sweatshirt from a company I had never previously heard of, Cupshe. It is a chinese clothing company and believe me, I learned my lesson.  While the price was very desirable (this sweatshirt was $29.99 + a major discount code, brought it down to $14.99 + $7.99 Shipping), that is the highlight of my purchase. The sweatshirt took just over three weeks to arrive from the order date.  Even though the fit was a bit snug, I immediately loved the design of it. The diagonal zipper is flattering and the wide lapels are different from all my other hoodies, not to mention, how warm it is.  I liked it so much, I wore it again yesterday when I met up with another friend to ambush my husband at his office for lunch.  That's when I noticed that the leather details that made the garment look a bit more upscale were coming undone.  I washed it this morning and one of the leather pads at the pockets didn't make it past the spin cycle.  :(
So while I really wanted to love it and I love these photos we took at Baker Beach, I will probably not order from this company again and I don't like that it feels like every other pin is sponsored on Pinterest. I really want to see what my friends are pinning and I am not likely to make any other purchases from companies on Pinterest.


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