Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Up, Doc?

I haven't blogged much in recent months. We bought a new house in August of last year and because it was our first house together, my husband let me sell, donate, and toss every last piece of furniture that was acquired before we got together. While it was exciting, once we moved in, we realized that we may have cut off our noses to spite our faces. We literally moved into our new home with our dining set, couches, and beds. That was it.  We had one mirror that was a wedding gift and one work of art that I accidentally bought at a charity auction a few years ago. I may or may not have been drunk when I made the final bid. It happens sometimes.
Enjoying a Christmas Party with friends and realizing we know the most beautiful women around.
Realizing that we needed to furnish our new house was both exhilarating and depressing. Exhilarating because it has been fun to wander around town with my husband, my sister, my mother-in-law, and multiple friends looking for just the right things to put in our home. Depressing, because sometimes you find the perfect set of arm chairs and they are $2000 and there is no way that purchase will not result in a divorce.
We co-hosted a baby shower for some expecting friends. So much fun!
I want to return to blogging, but I am having a very difficult time as I've shifted my shopping focus from the perfect white tee to the perfect set of lamps. Is that even something you are interested in reading about? As I research what is the perfect wine to serve at a dinner party instead of what to wear to host it, will you still be interested?
We climbed the Faro in Mazatlan. I am all sweaty and Mr. F didn't even break a sweat! Yuck!
Finally, it seems that in the past, the more events and places we went to, the more content I had for my blog.  I now jealously guard my family and friends from this space because I don't want them to grow tired of having to wait for me to grab the perfect image of my new bracelet or bag.
We attended the KU game in Ft. Worth with the fam. Rock Chalk! They won!
We posed for the NOH8 campaign. Can't wait to see the final images!
What have I been up to? I've been trying to conquer my fear of mirrors in every room; we moved in with only the aforementioned wedding gift and I have even gone out and bought one on my own for the sitting room. I've tried to figure out the perfect size for a rug in our den and then tried to forget the rug when rugs that size run $1200-1800 that I can't spend right now. I battled bronchitis and won after 3 weeks of a hacking cough. Most importantly, I ran away with my husband to Mexico for New Years and didn't take a single outfit photo, but managed to capture some amazing sunset views almost every day.
Mr. Fantastic and I attended our annual charity ball. I loved this dress I borrowed from Lisa.
I know updating the blog on a regular basis is important, but I have been paralyzed by options and decisions to make regarding which route to take going forward. I really want to move away from just writing about what I wear and I need help figuring out what direction to move in. I hope you will stick around until I do so.  In the meantime, here are some photos of what we've been up to since we last saw each other.

What have YOU been up to?

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