Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Spending Recap

I put this post back in August because it is long overdue.  Between our house sales and not having a place of our own most of the summer, I did very little clothing shopping.  Since I took my hiatus, I will put June-August on one recap instead of three individual ones.

Olivia and Moon Tank Top: $10 - Marshall's Store Credit = $0  
Finn & Clover Striped Maxi Dress: $17 - Marshall's Store Credit = $0
JBrand Navy Coated Jeans: $58 - Buffalo Exchange Store Credit = $0
Christian Louboutin Camel 100 Simple Pumps: Consignment Store = $82
June Total = $82.00

Blue/Gold Earrings: $16 - LuckyFabb Credit from HauteLook = $0

Joe's Jeans Petite Provacateur: Clearance Nordstrom Rack = $36  
Green Crystal Bangle: Neiman Marcus Last Call = $26  
Navy Blue Express Shorts: $7 - Marshall's Store Credit = $0  
Purple/Black/White Top: Banana Republic Outlet = $20  
Blue/Gold Bangles: Banana Republic Outlet ($9 x 2) = $18
July Total = $100.00

Presley Skye Dress: $39 - Nordstrom Rack
Blue Nile Hammered Bangles: $109 x 2 = $208 - $150 Credit = $68
Victoria's Secret Bra: $35
Victoria's Secret Side-Tie V-Neck Tunic: $5

August Total = $147.00

I didn't really have a plan when I shopped and because I only took a couple of bins and one suitcase when we moved, I ended up buying multiple items that I normally wouldn't have simply because I didn't have them available to me. The best examples of this are the multiple shorts and tank tops as well as more maxi dresses. Aside from those repeat buys, there were several impulse buys only because I thought something was pretty or because it was a great deal and something I felt I couldn't pass up.

I still have a store credit of $89 at Buffalo Exchange remaining and that is mostly because I didn't get a chance to get back there the rest of the summer after I bought a pair of jeans in June.  I used up the credit I had at Marshall's back in July so that is gone as well.

How did you do this summer?

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