Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Let's Have a Ball!

The last two posts have made me realize that I really do forget I have a blog, about what I wear everyday. Maybe it was just ball weekend and the fact that I truly did get caught up in the wonderful moments of the event. Being surrounded by friends and family and wanting to make sure I didn't miss photos of *them* made me forget to get photos of *me*. I've tried to crop out other people to try to show you what I wore. Also, we didn't realize that Mr. Fantastic wore his tux pants with a suit jacket until we got home and were getting our clothes ready for the dry cleaner... I know.
Dress: Tadashi Shoji Collection; Shoes: Jean Michel Cazabat
Earrings: c/oBaubleBar; Necklace: eBay
Yes, that last photo is of John Henderson of TNT's show Dallas, who was at the same party as me.  He's probably completely gutted that he couldn't find me to take a photo with me, but what can I say? I'm a busy girl. ;)  It really was a happy surprise to see this photo floating on Facebook and everyone involved with the organization was truly grateful that he took the time to come to our little party.

Have you had any celebrity sightings? Please note, I didn't have this sighting, someone on my feed, had to tell me about this sighting.  I very much fail as a blogger, fashion or otherwise.


  1. can't believe you got that beautiful necklace on ebay! looks like you had a grand time and i doubt anyone noticed the suit jacket with the tux pants. :)

  2. I love your necklace! ebay?! really?!

  3. Yes, believe it! It was $14 and came with earrings that I didn't like. I searched for "hematite necklace" and sorted by price and there it was.


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