Monday, September 19, 2011

Second Interview

Today, I have my second interview with the same academic institution that I interviewed with last week.
Button Down Shirt:  Express
Slacks: The Limited
Belt: Taken from a dress in my closet
Shoes: Prada
Necklace: Monet
I chose this outfit because it is still very conservative, but won't give me a heatstroke in the unforgiving Texas heat.  Again, I limited my accessories to my wedding ring and a classic silver necklace. I found this necklace on eBay in a lot of multiple pieces.  While some of the gold items have begun to tarnish this Monet necklace has remained in pristine condition.  It's worth the cost of the whole lot and then some! 

The button down is from Express and while it is fitted, the fabric still moves with me when I need it to. Plus, French cuffs are my favorite.  The slacks are by The Limited and identical to the brown ones I wore for the first interview last week.

Finally, I try not to take my purse into interviews for several reasons: I can never figure out where to put it; I don't like to turn off my phone, but I don't want it to ring in the middle of an interview; I don't want it to be distraction.  If I carry my purse in, I try to place it on the chair next to where I am sitting, but if there is no additional chair, I leave it on the floor because I think it's too distracting on the table.  I really dislike putting my handbag on the floor and honestly prefer to leave in in the trunk of my car! So I only carry a notepad (in a pretty leather case) and a pen.

These Prada pumps work because when I am wearing them, you can't actually see that they are designer unless you get very close to my feet and read the engraving on my shoe, but they are a great and comfy pair of shoes to walk around strange buildings in.

Wish me luck!

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